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Tugliani and Tugliani has been instrumental in creating the structure and advocating for the legislation that currently allows and protects foreign investment in the Bay Islands.

This includes:

· Founder, Italo Tugliani Sr, wrote Congressional Decree 90-90 and its regulations, secondary act of constitutional Article 107, which allows the acquisition of land by foreigners in the areas limited by the Constitution of the Republic. These include island territories, land adjacent to the borders of Honduras, and land within 610 km of the coastline of both oceans.

· Being the architect for the regulation of the land titles in the Bay Islands, through a Cadastral system and declaration of urban territories, which makes an exception from the rural estate, leaving them out of the reach of the laws of the “Reforma Agraria o Forestal”, and therefore making them available to be registered on behalf of their owners.

· The writing, creation and establishment of a Special Regime for the Free Trade Tourism Zone, for goods, services, and activities, which qualify to have the benefits of tax and customs exception. Also, the territory arrangement was made into an autonomous system for budget administration, as well as the autonomous operation of the different obligations of the central government in issues such as health development, security, immigration and public works, etc.