The law firm of TUGLIANI & TUGLIANI has been providing legal services for me for over 20 years, first when I was a partner at Parrot Tree Plantation and since 1999 for the Lawson Rock Development project. There have been over 200 individual legal transactions including sales contracts, sale closings, processing government permits and approvals, corporation formation, residencies and labor contracts.

They are the best on Roatan. Other attorneys have gone to the registry to read documents prepared by Italo Sr. to see how he has written on an issue. That's the ultimate compliment.

David Sellon
Lawson Rock




My wife and have been living on Roatan and in the real estate industry since 1998. We have had the opportunity to try many of the legal firms and individual lawyers who do business on Roatan over the years. While there are many qualified people in the legal field in Honduras, we have found the Tugliani Law Firm to provide the most comprehensive and consistent level of quality legal services for both our clients professionally, and us personally.

Everyone at the firm is bilingual. The work is performed on time and for the price quoted. They have individuals who specialize in different areas of law. Many of our real estate clients are introduced to the Tuglianis to help with their real estate purchases. The Tuglianis do title searches, title transfers and the forming of Honduran corporations. They have associates who specialize in the interaction with the immigration department during the process of becoming a resident in Honduras and others who work with the tax department and municipalities on behalf of businesses.

It is our pleasure to recommend the Tugliani Law Firm without reservation.


Margot and Mat Halliday, Brokers
Margot and Matt and Associates,
Roatan, Honduras.




I recently moved from Los Angeles to Roatan where I purchased a lovely home in the village of Orchid Beach. Such a move could have been fraught with economic danger and legal uncertainty, but was not, specifically due to the close supervision and meticulous attention to detail by the law firm of Tugliani  & Tugliani.  

Purchasing Real Estate in Roatan is easily achievable, but complicated and details like road access, water rights and escrow transactions must be examined with the utmost care. In matters such as these and many others Tugliani & Tugliani preformed with exemplary precision.

The firms patriarch, Italo Sr. has decades of legal experience acquired at the highest levels of Honduran Government and was instrumental in drafting many of the laws that now permit foreigners to own land on Roatan. His equally well educated sons, Alejandro and Gio have built upon this legacy and assembled an impressive network of private, banking and Municipal connections, all of which they do not hesitate to call upon as the situation demands. 

The firm is friendly, scrupulously honest and a pleasure to do business with.  Reflecting back on my experience, I can’t imagine having made this transition without their steady guidance.

Frank Martin
Los Angeles, California & Roatan, Honduras



Roatan Vacation Rentals manages nearly one hundred units around the island of Roatan. Our company and the clients we represent have varied legal needs. We can always rely on the Tugliani's to provide timely and accurate legal assistance. From Real Estate, Labor Law, ZOLITUR, Residency and Mediation we have used and been satisfied with the efforts and fees for over 6 years now. They are among the very best in all of Honduras without a doubt.

Mike Carter
Roatan Life, Office at Coral Stone Plaza Sandy Bay and West Bay Mall,
Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras



We have used Tugliani & Tugliani for our business legal requirements for over 8 years and are extremely happy with the professional level of service we have received. We would highly recommend their legal services to all businesses in Roatan.

Dean Milverton
Tortuga Digital



Thanks for the good work, counsel and professionalism.

As the owner and developer of Keyhole Bay, a residential, gated community on Roatan, I have been working with the Tugliani family of attorneys at the Roatan Legal Services for nearly ten years. They have provided professional counsel to me and to nearly 15 of my owners over that time. Every time I call, they respond in a timely manner and always find the information I need, regardless of the subject. I have used their services to buy and sell property, to assist with trusts and estate issues. The Tuglianis stay current on changes in the complex Honduran legal climate, constantly honing their skills. They are forthright in their counsel, readily willing to walk away from work that has the appearance of impropriety or might represent a conflict of interest. I highly recommend the excellent attorneys at the Roatan Legal Services.

Dan Taylor