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· Real Estate and Investment Law

· Corporate law

· Residencies and Administrative Affairs

· Family law

· Zolitur processes

· Mediation, conciliation and arbitration by Notary.


New Services


1) CORP-O-MATIC® is a service that provides basic corporate housekeeping in order to be compliant with the corporate formalities established by the Merchant Code of Honduras. Services include holding annual shareholder’s meetings to approve the corporation’s general balance and tax filings if required; all for an annual fee.

2) FREE & CLEAR® is a service in lieu of title insurance or a title company which are no longer available in Honduras. This is an exhaustive title report and opinion product demonstrating proper due diligence conducted in both the Real Estate Registry and the Department of Catastro at the Municipality. This report contains a summary and copies of the information available in the property’s title chain. The ultimate goal is to certify that the title is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances.

3) SECURESTATE® is a trust service for Escrow funds as a neutral and reputable third party. This service provides storage and custody of documents in a fire proof safe to safeguard documents such as Charters of Incorporation, Stock certificates, Wills and Testaments, Property Titles, etc.


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